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WeWork Creator Awards opens - deadline 7 Sep

(Jenny Molloy) #1

Hi All

Biomakespace reached the finals of this competition last year, so if anyone would be keen to enter again, propose your ideas below! The categories are different this time around as there is a separate non-profit competition.
Deadline 7 September!


| Think it, pitch it, fund it |
| Apply by Sept. 7 |

WeWork has opened applications to help fund your big idea. The Creator Awards support creators who make it their life’s work to disrupt the ordinary in pursuit of the extraordinary. We’re celebrating performers, makers, do-gooders, and mavericks who have gathered in your city to make a difference. Innovators from Glasgow to Liverpool to Dublin are eligible to apply. Are we going to celebrate you at the Creator Awards?


Dreaming up a new idea? Achieving real change?
Apply by Sept. 7 for a chance to win funding.

(Tony Naggs) #2

If there’s a plan to apply again then I’m happy to help filming (camera, sound, …) &/or editing the video. I did the filming & editing for last year’s submission, and can show you if you’re interested. (I don’t think I can put it on Vimeo, as some people in it have moved away & I don’t have signed permissions to publish the video.)

The basic format last time was an establishing shot in which 3 members announced together “Welcome to Biomakespace”, then each read a third of the narration looking into the camera for approx 30s. In the editing I chose the takes with the clearest sound, edited to fit the 90s total, and then kept the soundtrack whilst distributing short video fragments through the film of people using the lab equipment (e.g. pipettes, microscope, PCR, …). The filming & editing were both a bit rushed, but with more time some music or visual effects could be added to jazz up the new submission.