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WeWork Creator Award Application - filming a 90 s video this weekend

(Jenny Molloy) #1

Hi All

We’ve decided to apply for the WeWork Creator Awards, which could get us $72k for Biomakespace. It’s an online application and 90 s video (not a 90’s video, although that could also be fun and we have enough retro lab equipment to dial it back even further).

A draft of the application will follow from me and a draft of the script from @abigailwood for comment. The deadline is Thu 24 Aug.

@tonyn has kindly offered to make himself available tomorrow (Sat 19 Aug) to film and take photos to put together. There will also be an opportunity for shooting on Sunday in the late afternoon. Tony is Chief Cameraman but would like someone to control the clapperboard so we can make sure the audio and video sync up.

We’re looking for volunteers, if anyone is around Sat/Sun and wouldn’t mind:
a) providing something interesting to shoot (so far we have people casting gels, finding samples for the microscope, locating equipment and generally thinking of visually interesting lab things)
b) having a picture of themselves taken with a sign to show who they are and what they’re interested in.
c) generally offering support for the shoot or post-production!

Thanks and we’ll obviously share the finished result once we’re done!


(Tony Naggs) #2

Volunteers with video making skills are very welcome to help, take a turn with the camera or sound recording, keep track of how many scenes / take we have shot, notice when an plane or other noise means we should have another take, etc… :slight_smile:

(Faith K Mangwanya) #3

What time does shooting start on Saturday

(Tony Naggs) #4

1 pm, should allow people to do their morning chores first.

(Tony Naggs) #5

Per discussion on the chatroom, Jenny will bring the camera by 2pm.

(Jenny Molloy) #6

We had a great 5 hours (!) filming yesterday, @tonyn did an excellent job with the camera and managed to stay very calm as @tiongsun @fkm26 and I came up with impractical suggestions for scenes.

Here is the text of the WeWork application - comments welcome.

We saw some great pond creatures under the microscope and gave them a starring role as well: Paramecium, diatoms and an alga from the genus below, which I haven’t seen before.

Closterium (photo from the web)

(Jenny Molloy) #7

Final reminder for comments on the WeWork application by tonight please, ready for submission tomorrow!

(Jenny Molloy) #8

I think we now have a final application, we’ll look again at tonight’s committee meeting and then submit by the midnight deadline: