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Shared email and internal communications

(Jenny Molloy) #1

I looked into setting up Google Apps for non-profits but in the UK that means you have to be a registered charity :disappointed:

I love Google Drive for document collaboration and I’ve never found something to rival it, so this is disappointing as I don’t think we can afford the Apps for Work pricing at the moment. It’s not a disaster as we can just have shared folders and back them up, but it does complicate things a little bit. Unless someone knows someone at Google, which might work.

Shared email

I can set up email forwarders, people should just let me know what they would like. In the absence of Google Apps and really not wanting to administer a mail server, I’ll think up this evening how we make sure that email gets to the right people regardless of team turnover and is also archived somewhere in a central mailbox for good measure! I think @abigailwood set up a gmail account for us (could you me send the password?)

Google Drive
We could set up a folder run by the biomakspace gmail account and I will transfer all the docs I currently have into there, then we can give people access to the folders if they want it. It is unfortunately another thing to sign up to but at some point we can try unifying sign-ups.

If anyone has set up other (free) solutions for team communications and specifically collaborative docs that have worked well - let us know!