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Logo Design for Biomakespace

(Jenny Molloy) #41

I think if the DNA is horizontal in the new versions it looks like a sun/flower wearing shades - which is far preferable to the alien look that some of the earlier designs took on when rotated!

(Pei Chua) #42

I prefer option 2 for its simplicity and better contrast.

(Tony Naggs) #43

I like the strong contrast in number 2. Hopefully the flip from Z-DNA handedness is easy for you. :slight_smile:

(rogermason) #44

I also like option 2 for the reasons of contrast and simplicity already mentioned - I think that it would work at all scales

((Alexander) James Phillips) #45

Sun flower wearing shades… So true! Lol :slight_smile:
(Also “Doh!” for not just rotating my phone screen to see what it would look like! :smile: )

(Matt) #46

Hi Everyone, Thanks for all your feedback so far! I hope you’re all happy with the results.

I’m thinking of ordering some sample stickers for labeling equipment in the Biomakespace, equipment that we want to reserve when batches of donations come up for grabs and perhaps for use at public engagement opportunities or giving away to interested potential members.

I’d be grateful to hear if you think a rectangle (1), Square (2) or circle (3) looks best.

Let me know,


(Dean Madden) #47

I think they all look excellent, Matt (I wouldn’t say that if I thought otherwise ;-)) No. 2 is probably the least successful of the three, only because I suspect that the word ‘Cambridge’ would not be conspicuous enough when the logo was reproduced at small sizes. I can see a use for both of the other logos. No. 1 would be good for headed paper, signage and other documents. No. 3 I really like because it has a sense of ‘motion’, as your eyes read the words (if that doesn’t sound pretentious). I can see No. 3 being useful for stickers and less formal documents.

(ROger AB) #48

Great logo design ideas, this one i have found great

I am also a freelance web and graphic designer and working at the logo design company i will really happy if you will provide me a chance for to create the logo for biomakespace.


((Alexander) James Phillips) #49

Hi Roger, Thanks for the offer. We’ve already settled on one which we’ve now got proudly on display on :slight_smile: