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Logo Design for Biomakespace

(Tony Naggs) #21

I think any of these are fine, they’re orders of magnitude better than anything I could produce.

I’m interested to hear what others think. I have a slight preference for the 2nd design, in the green colour scheme.

(Pei Chua) #22

I like Chris’ design. Simple and symbolic.

And as for Matt’s idea, I would prefer a slightly bringter green, as below. But I’m not sure how a print-out version will look, comparing to the one on screen.

In terms of designs, I always prefer a simple design, like the first one. Perhaps, you can try to put the DNA structure slanted, rather than horizontal? But this one looks good to me.
As for design 4 to 7, there are many components in it that I feel we may miss out the details, due to their relative ratio?

Also, what happened to the v2 and v3 design? Have we rejected them? Sorry that I have missed several meetings that I may not aware of the updates.

((Alexander) James Phillips) #23

Seems we can get stuck into sponsorship and start doing some science (! :smile: ) etc if we settle on a logo. With that in mind @mj365 I was hoping you could share a link to the SVGs please? I made a google drive folder that we can drop assets into. I was particularly interested in experimenting with your “v01” design (first design, posted on 30th July), and it seems to be most people’s favourite?

I’d propose that any logo might try to achieve a few things:

  1. To make it work at a smaller scale, i.e. 16x16 (suitable for a favicon of a website), probably by reducing it to an abstract form of it or part of it, for example, Horizon Discovery’s logos:
  2. Test it works on a black / dark background
  3. Test it works in greyscale colour
  4. Achieve a sense of (within the constraints of being a logo I think all of the designs so far meet these goals already):
  • biology related, science
  • secure, safe and reviewed
  • open: open to members of the public, citizen scientists, artists, charities, politicians, business, research.
  • make: to make better things (medical, energy, environment, etc), not limited to synthetic biology and bearing in mind a logo is not the right arena to enter into the complex discussion around the pros and cons of the field.
  • exciting, opportunities
  • ?Cambridge connection

What I wanted to do with Matt’s v01 design was:

  • change the gear teeth as per Tony’s suggestion
  • report back on experiment to make them into a ~270 degrees, like a C for Cambridge, might look rubbish though, not sure.
  • keep the 4 off centre / biological / asymmetric / complex / messy organelles.
  • keep the messy electronics but perhaps make a little simpler
    • hopefully the last two suggestions will avoid the unsettling resemblance to a face (personal opinion of the Aug 6th design)

Bearing all that in mind, something is usually better than nothing and the great is the enemy of the good: we can always change it later.


(Matt) #24

Hi James,

Thanks for the very thoughtful comments. I agree that a C shape would be worth working in there, I’m also on board with aiming for a simple design that works at different scales and colours.

re-sharing I’m happy to send links for of the designs, however due to using a font in the v1 design which later caused some recurring computer crashing issues I cannot open v1 :frowning:

v3 has the same background shape, so I’ve uploaded this to my google drive and the link is here:

let me know if you have any problems downloading, all the cog shapes I made were using the illustrator star and circle tools and the pathfinder tool. I agree that Tony’s cogs are more realistic, but they’re a bit beyond my current level of illustrator skill.

Please do have a crack, I’d love to see a C shaped cog. I should point out that I’ve done some more variations on the latest designs and Abi has had a colleague look over them.

Abi, Jenny and myself are all happy with this one (below). Its also hopefully reminiscent of a 2D version of Chris’ 3D design which got a number of positive reviews, which contained just a cog and a double helix. I’ve found that most of my cell related designs tend to look like pathogens/viruses/Dr Who aliens (apparently) and this is not ideal given we want to project good biosafety and friendly/educational vibes.

Thanks for the comments and please feel free to post more ideas, I’m just posting this so all current designs are visible, we’ll probably be discussing next steps (different colours and formats) tomorrow if you’re around :slight_smile:

New version from Abi’s colleague below:

((Alexander) James Phillips) #25

Yeah that new logo is great, I love it! Thanks for all your efforts to date. Sorry to wade in late to the (work) party!

(Jenny Molloy) #26

Shall we try and get this finalised at the weekend? @abigailwood were there any additional thoughts from your colleague? We decided we like green - maybe time to get the colour palettes out and pin down that as well!

(Matt) #27

A few colour variants to chew on? Any suggestions? reply with your favourite RGB/HEX code or R color name and I might make you a version specially… or pick a number 1-8 to vote for your favourite from these.

((Alexander) James Phillips) #28

I’d vote for 6, followed by 7 or 2. (Thanks Matt!)

(Dean Madden) #29

6 also (the paler greens tend to disappear). Will the cogwheel/DNA part of the icon be used separately? (I’m thinking about when the logotype is produced at small sizes, where the DNA might be too small to see).

(Tony Naggs) #30

I like 6 or 7, they make me think of plants.

(Jenny Molloy) #31

6 for me as well. I agree the DNA is difficult to see at small sizes. At the risk of making you bang you head against a desk, could you have a quick look what it looks like with a) the whole thing flipped 90 degrees so the DNA is vertical (does this make it more recognisable as DNA?) b) with two DNA twists rather than three to increase the size. You may already have tried this or have a better visual imagination than me and ruled that out for various reasons.

(Dean Madden) #32

Also – I’m not sure about this, but it looks as if the DNA icon might be left-handed. It should be right-handed.

(rogermason) #33

6,7, then 3 get my vote. Looks like a concensus is forming

(Pei Chua) #34

I like 6 and 5. does the print-out colour differ much from the one on screen?

(Matt) #35

But what if it was Z-DNA Dean?

(Dean Madden) #36

That’s what it must be, Matt :wink:

(Matt) #37

Thanks to everyone who chose a colour, have carried forward the top choice and tried to simplify the logo a bit.
Any preferences choose a number, or constructive criticism welcome!

(Dean Madden) #38

No. 3 is the best imo.

(Matt) #39

I liked that one too, however, when it is not clear unless at quite high quality and we need it to be clear for signs too.

So here are some (hopefully) final alternatives, any strong opinions, please express them now! As we might start making some signage and stickers with them.

((Alexander) James Phillips) #40

Just my humble opinions:

17th Dec:
I prefer option 1. I like the realism put into option 2 but think it’s unnecessary and detracts from the logo by reducing it’s simplicity. Option 4 is interesting but I just prefer colours of option 1. Don’t like option 3 as much because I feel like the logo will be harder to recognise when it’s smaller. Aesthetically I also prefer 1 over 3 because of a similar reason to 2, the black circle makes DNA harder to see and adds complexity but, to me, not much more.

Dec 21st
I prefer option 2. You have that beautiful striking green and the black dna really stands out. Interestingly I now don’t mind the circle that came from dec 17th option 3. I think it adds to it by accentuating the DNA. I’m still “concerned” it won’t scale to small icon sizes as well as option 1 from dec 17th but perhaps we can just use dec 17th option 1 for small stuff and one of these for bigger logos.
Didn’t prefer Option 1 or 4 as DNA not as vivid. Didn’t prefer option 3 as grey background not as “nice” as clear / white background.

Final feedback: since Dean pointed it out I can’t stop seeing the DNA round the wrong way :o :wink: Could we flip on verticle axis before printing please :slight_smile: ? Oh and would be interested about horizontal DNA again but will leave to your judgement (please don’t delay pressing print for that! :slight_smile: )

Regardless of everything I’ve said they’re all stunning and great, thank you so much for the continuous stream of work and updates (and all those doing other work :slight_smile: I hope I too will be able to contribute more soon)