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Logo Design for Biomakespace

(Matt) #1

Hi Everyone,

I just pasted some logo ideas onto a page and doodled some font and logo versions, please give me some feedback! We’re keen to come up with working set of logo/brandname images for promotional/sponsorship materials and I’d love to have input from multiple people who’ve been coming to the meetings! Be constructive with criticism if poss, but also if you ‘just don’t like’ something, that’s useful to hear too! I’ll try to respond to your posts with some revised ideas.


(Matt) #2

New version. The Circuit Cog Cell. Feedback would be appreciated.

(Matt) #3

transparent background

white background

(Matt) #4

(Matt) #5

(Matt) #6

fully transparent*

(Jenny Molloy) #7

This one is my favourite!

(Tony Naggs) #8

I like this, simple and distinctive.

(Matt) #9


I just finished version 2.0

Let me know if you think anything should be changed,


(Emma J) #10

I love it! It’s great Matt!

(Jenny Molloy) #11

I think I still like v1 a little bit more and I’ll explain why with some super-picky comments:

  • I preferred the gear pattern on the first one both in terms of the shape (going around a full 180 degrees) and also that the points were a bit longer. It has lost some of the gear look and gone a bit more towards podia with the squatter shape and angle. I keep thinking octopus/jellyfish rather than cell/gear.
  • I liked the off-centre nucleus
  • The mitochondria are small so having different colours in them looks quite fussy, but I can see that was bringing in the BioBrick style
  • While the circuitry has lost the detail which was the design goal, the extra colouring and patterns in the nucleus mean I think the first one looks cleaner.
  • I liked the larger ‘mitochondria’, they reminded me of a bicycle gear, which is very Cambridge! I think leaving out the fourth on the second design was a good decision.

I love the whole concept, but those are the advantages I see in the first design over the second. The second benefits from simpler lines though. I’m thinking of how we can laser and vinyl cut the logo to decorate things as well - might need some trial runs with that!


(Tony Naggs) #12

I still really like the mech, bio & electronics references.

Like Jenny, I liked that in version 1 the gear teeth clearly completed a 180 deg arc.

Quibble: The ratio of gear tooth length to width seems wrong. And ideally the surfaces that touch an adjacent gear would be curved, (to maintain constant pressure on the connected gear).
I realise this is fussy, but it looks somehow more obviously jarring to me in version 2.
There are online (involute spur) gear design tools such as so you can see some real gear shapes.

(Matt) #13

I’m really grateful for all the feedback, very useful and good points!

I’ve tried to incorporate as many as possible, thanks for the link Tony.

v3.0 below

I’m going to have to take a break until I get illustrator fixed thanks for the ideas everyone!


(Tony Naggs) #14

I like this version, thanks for your work on this. :slight_smile:

(Pei Chua) #15

Hi Matt,

I like ver 2.0 more. Somehow it appears more cell-ish to me. I can’t really relate ver3.0 to a cell (or half-cell) when I first saw, perhaps due to the longer gear teeth. Though ver 3.0 is simpler and cleaner. :slight_smile:

Some suggestions:
(1) I’d prefer all mitochondria having same size, just as in ver 2.0.
(2) I wonder if the nuclues would look better with thinner outline?


(Lucie Studená) #16

they are really nice logos, thanks! I think I like bits and pieces of both, the v2 and v3.
I like how the v3 is angled (not horizontal nucleus+connections) and the bigger gear teeth :slight_smile:
On the v2 I like the thinner lines, more connections between “mitochondria” and the nucleus and the same size of the “mitochondria”.

Hope you don’t have too many feedback inputs :smiley:

(Jenny Molloy) #17

Here are some ideas from a graphic designer as part of a larger piece of work on synthetic biology in Cambridge. Interesting that the colour scheme is still quite green! I think there could be some elements we could take from all of the ideas. We might also want to consider a ‘look’ for more corporate activities - sponsorship, signage etc and a more informal ‘look’ for the space.

@Chris do you want to throw your idea in the mix as well?


(Chris A) #18

Hi, this was my design that I’d put together a while back, sorry it’s taken me so long to upload. I like that Matt’s show’s electronics which mine doesn’t really represent. Didn’t want to overcomplicate mine though as it is essential that it is recognisable at a glance.

(Matt) #19

A few more ideas. I like the simplicity of Chris’ design so worked on ideas based around the cog and the DNA.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome,


(Matt) #20

Some alternative colour schemes