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Laser cut signage for the space - any design ideas?

(Jenny Molloy) #1

Hi All

I made some laser cut signage for us at Makespace yesterday.

If you have other ideas, there is a svg version of the logo here that is optimised for logo engraving, so please go ahead and come up with some designs in Inkscape or another vector graphics package and I’ll cut them (or another Biomakespace/Makespace joint member). If you need tips on design for laser cutting, just ask at a Meetup :smiley:


(Matt) #2

They look fantastic! Though I may be slightly biased. Awesome work, love the colour. Will we want additional signs indicating what each of the three rooms is? E.g. Biolab 1, Biolab 2, Hardware/electronics lab?

Just a thought.

(Biorobot) #3

​I like this sign designs, great job. You should put this photo of Biomakespace’s labels​ to the Biomakespace’s front page as a ready project:).

(Pavan Keerthi) #4

Looks awesome !! Some stickers for Labs will look cool too!