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Kick-start your social venture at Social Venture Weekend! (16-18 November, Cambridge)

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Kick-start your social venture at Social Venture Weekend!

16-18 November, Cambridge

The Social Venture Weekend at Cambridge Judge Business School is for anyone with an ambition to set up or grow a business that makes a positive social or environmental impact.

The workshop is an inspiring introduction to the social venture sector and a valuable opportunity to focus intensely on your own business. You’ll have the opportunity to share and test your ideas with others and learn from the experience of successful social entrepreneurs.

Unlike other entrepreneurial training, this is from a social perspective, with a strong focus on social impact within the context of creating and scaling a sustainable business. Over the weekend, faculty from Cambridge Judge Business School and other world-class experts in social enterprise will cover business planning, social finance, market research, legal structures, sales and pitching.

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For more information and to apply, head to: