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Cutting Edge: Using mobile sequencers in an academic classroom

(Jenny Molloy) #1

These experiments have a good resemblance to ideas we’ve been discussing for Biomakespace :slight_smile:
Just need to get us some minIONs!

The first hackathon was called “from snack to sequence”. It was inspired by several food scandals, such as the horsemeat found in ready-made meals that were labeled as beef throughout Europe in 2013, as well as the revelation that a number of sushi restaurants in New York City claimed to be selling white tuna but in reality were serving escolar. Based on this issue, we wanted to introduce students to the identification of species in different food items.


For the second hackathon, we explored the identification of individuals using ultra low coverage genome sequencing with the MinION…Two groups sequenced a DNA library prepared from genomic DNA from Craig Venter (Levy et al., 2007), one group sequenced a HapMap sample from the 1000 Genomes Project, and two groups sequenced the genomic DNA of one of the authors (YE). We chose these individuals because of their publically available DNA reference data.