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Biomakespace T-shirt design -please vote

(Katia Smith-Litiere) #1

Hi Everyone,

We have been talking a while about creating Biomakespace T-shirts. I’ve created two designs - the exact size/layout will be done in discussion with Talking-T’s as they know best.
Please vote for the design you like most. If it is a clear winner, we’ll take that design forward, if it’s split, we will make a decision on how many people will buy each of the design of T-shirts as there is a cost for setting up each design so will make it more expensive - T-shirts would be around £20 each. I’ve included designs on white/light grey, dark grey and black.
Please indicate what colour you like most - it is possible to get different colours printed in one order.
Once we’re clear on design/colours option, will take orders (colours and sizes).
Thank you[poll type=multiple min=1 max=6 public=true]