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Biomakespace Floor Plans - where is everything going to go?

(Jenny Molloy) #1

We have some floor plans of the lab from @peichua and @rogermason and I’m wondering if we could reconcile those two over this thread or on Thursday? We had to make some slight adjustments to the original plan Pei drew up when moving the benches around in the main room and working out where to put the full height fridges so Roger’s may be slightly more up to date and I know he was building on Pei’s work to add heights and make a full 3D version (fancy!).

It would be wonderful to have a plan for moving things into the lab 26-27 Nov (RSVP here). Specifically, we need to work out areas of the lab to house particular equipment:

  • Incubation station (water baths/heat blocks)
  • Microscope/imaging station
  • PCR station
  • Gel tank station
  • Cleaning
  • Cell culture

I’ve missed plenty! Does anyone who has seen the space have particular thoughts on where things should go?


(Matt) #2

Looks great! Look forward to seeing the 3D version too!
My first thoughts are perhaps we should plan where different types of waste will be deposited in each room when deciding which benches will be designated for what. E.g. gel staining/imaging being a key one to plan carefully, even if we ban EtBr in the space do we need to have the same controls and waste considerations for sybr safe /EtBr alternatives? There’s also glass sharps (confocal), tips and contaminated/GM biological waste from microbiology.

Just thinking we can maybe minimise the chance of spills etc. by ensuring we have space and disposal routes for the different types of waste in each area.