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Biomakespace Equipment Wishlist

(Jenny Molloy) #1

Make your requests here! I will kick-off with:

  • Benchtop Microcentrifuge
  • Vortex mixer
  • Laboratory (orbital) shaker
  • Single-channel pipettes (x 5 sets of 2ul/20ul/200ul/1ml minimum!)
  • pH meter
  • Stereo microscope
  • Plate reader (inc. fluorescence)
  • Nanodrop-type thing
  • Gel electophoresis tanks
  • Gel imaging illuminator and box
  • Thermocycler / PCR machine
  • Water bath(s)
  • Autoclave (sterilization)
  • Laminar flow hood
  • Incubator(s)
  • Fine Weighing Scale/ Microbalance
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Heat block for tubes


Would a Bento Lab be an idea for the space, for teaching purposes? It’s got all the basic kit. If anyone’s wanting to do CRISPR, an electroporator might be necessary. OpenPCR could be an option for the PCR machine.

(Abigail Wood) #3

That’s a pretty good idea. I’d heard about Bento Labs before in the
original kickstarter (back when I was considering setting up a lab in a
garage), but thought they were a bit too expensive (£700 for pre-order).
Perhaps we should add them to our ‘to contact’ and see if we can get the
discounted educational rate, as we’re planning on using it for outreach. It
is a very pretty bit of kit and looks friendly for the ‘intro to molecular
biology’ workshops.

RE OpenPCR - building this might be a fun project for some of the team (I’m
looking at you, folks who want to build a FACS machine), but we’re probably
going to get a thermocycler in a more cost efficient way by picking up an
old one thrown out by one of the local groups/companies.

RE electroporator, sure, love CRISPR, love electroporation. We definitely
need a way of generating our own competent cells in-house. Is it going to
be more efficient/effective making cells chemically competent vs.
electrocompetent? I think adding an electroporator to our 'looking for’
list is a solid choice.

(Tony Naggs) #4

The equipment list we came up with at last week’s meeting is online (I just ‘approved’ it) here:

It probably needs updating with stuff we missed that is on Jenny’s list.
I can do this tonight/tomorrow if nobody else gets to it, but I’m offline shortly until ~10pm.
(Also, I should Google electroporator/ion later.)

(Jenny Molloy) #5

We got offered a flow cytometer BTW! Carrock is going to send through the
make and model and we need to work out the running costs and space
It is in good working order, he’s just upgrading.

(Edoardo Gianni) #6

We recently received an extra electroporator which was donated to the london biohackspace, I will check that it functions correctly and bring it at my next visit. I’ll also have a bento lab and will be in Cambridge next year, I’ll be happy to lend it for outreach activities :slight_smile:

(Jenny Molloy) #7

That sounds great! Thanks @egianni

I also have a lead now on some other equipment including a job lot of pipettes and a bunch of consumables… This will likely involve a few of us and a car/van going to sort out what we’d like so I’ll let you know if it gets confirmed. BTW - I went to see our Leica SP2 confocal setup and attach a photo!

(Matt) #8

Hi Everyone, My name is Matt, I’m a 3rd year PhD student in P.D.N on Downing Site.

Last week at the BioMakeSpace Meeting myself, Tony, Carlos, Marcia and Lucy came up with the following ideas for additional things the lab will need, including some additional things we couldn’t see on the main equipment wishlist. Comment if we’ve missed anything!

Additional Requirements for the BioMakeSpace Lab:

Fixtures and Fittings

-Air conditioning
-Confocal cooling
-Airflow/laminar flow hood - filters?
-Chemical fume hood (e.g. PFA, phenol)
-Lighting - Bench Lighting, main space lighting,emergency lighting-Mains Electricity - plan spacing
-notice boards
-whiteboards for planning
-sinks (lab and handwash)
-paper towel dispensers
-timer switches on sockets
-darkroom/curtaining for confocal
-separate temp control for confocal
-humidity control?
-hooks for lab coats


-racks (small storage) - speak to sponsors, 3D print?
-cupboards/drawers (big storage) for consumables
-storage/lockers for users


-sharps bins
-general waste
-chemical waste (EtBt waste/PFA waste/phenol waste)
-autoclave/incinerator waste
-safety documents file inc. emergency contacts on the wall
-signage - safety warnings etc.
-back up power supply (e.g. for minus 80)
-chemical safety shower
-drains (wet room floor for easy cleaning)
-GOGGLES (autoclavable)
-PPE - oven gloves for melting agarose,cold gloves, face shield?

Lab Equipment

-slide microscope & other types
-forceps/scalpel/dissection kit
-tape, autoclave tape
-measuring cylinders
-pipetboy/pipetman/serological tips
-slide box/organiser for microscope slide


-cloud based member and project management system (Microsoft Research friends)
-laundry? - addenbrookes?

(Jenny Molloy) #9

Matt - this look great!

I attach a list from the Waag Society, would anyone be willing to cross-check that?

This can all go up on the equipment webpage that you should be able to edit. If you want to add the sectioning above on their as well that might be really useful!


(Miha Pipan) #10

Hi everyone,

A quick update from the CRUK CI in terms of equipment donations: there is a bunch of gel tanks (DNA/protein) available for collection in the short term future, as well as a recirculating water bath and a maybe-functioning table-top freeze dryer. I’m attaching some pics of this.

I’m arranging for a collection date in the coming weeks - is anyone based at Addenbrooke’s site during the week? Just trying to figure out what may be the best way to do this; as the CRUK connections are unlikely
to be there on the weekend.

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…

(Tony Naggs) #11

Hey Miha

I am not regularly in the Space during office hours, but I do go sometimes for meetings with other tenants & to check on the fittings. Hopefully we can find a mutually convenient time.

On selecting what equipment we need I defer to Jenny et al. (I’m not a microbiologist!)

(Miha Pipan) #12


Hi everyone,

Trying to sort a mutually convenient date with CRUK in regards to equipment collection - is anyone planning on being around biomakespace / Addenbrooke’s
in the coming days / next week? @tonyn @egianni
I’m unable to access the space by myself, so ideally I’d need at least one person with access -

Let me know-

Best wishes,

(Tony Naggs) #13

Hi Miha

I am flexible with my schedule next week, at the moment. What time works well for you? I can protect it before i get conflicts.


(Edoardo Gianni) #14

Hey Miha,

I am based at Addenbrookes during the week, so I am happy to pop out of the lab to help moving things. (I don’t have access either though)


(rogermason) #15

Greetings all,

If you fix a time at CRUK, I can come over from my workshop in Sawston with the car (Zafira - can get a lot in it). I have got an access card for the Biomakespace, but we need a key holder to get into the labs., unless they have finished the electronic access units.



(Miha Pipan) #16

Hi there,

So I’ve fixed the collection time for Friday (tomorrow), 11am, at the CRUK. I’ll be coming over in a van, so transport is not an issue. However it would be great if someone with
relevant access rights could be around between 11.30-12.00, to unlock the LMB space so we can store the equipment. Alternatively, I could drop the equipment off by Plant Sciences (@jmolloy) or we could store it at makespace potentially for a few days.
My number is 07 449 557 134 if anyone’s about Addenbrookes on Friday!


(Matt) #17

FYI, I rummaged through most of the CRUK stuff, photographed most large items and updated the inventory spreadsheet on the google drive. If anyone can’t find this and needs to let me know. I’ll check tomorrow if we can make this public soon so anyone can see it from anywhere.

Thanks so much for getting all this stuff Miha, Tony and Roger :slight_smile: